How Do You Clean an Electric Coffee Maker?

I know most people are daunted with the task of cleaning their electric, fully programmable coffee maker. If only we can dump the whole thing in our dishwasher. Unfortunately, a coffee maker motor that is water proof is still non-existent so we have no choice but to clean it on our own.

It is easy enough to clean an electric coffee maker. Here are the steps you can religiously follow so you won’t have any problems:

Step 1: Remove the parts that are detachable and washable. If you can detach some using a screw and install it again after cleaning, it would be better so the cleaning process is thoroughly done. Make sure you know which parts goes where so you will not be scratching your head in consternation when you figure out you cannot piece it back together.

Step 2: Wash these parts first in clean tap water. The next thing you need to do is to scrub the detached parts clean with a paste made from baking soda and water. Baking soda has really fine granules that can strip off the grease and coffee oil in those detachable parts.

You can also use a small toothbrush for better cleaning process. Just dip the bristles in the baking soda paste and scrub the parts clean. Once you have done this, you can now rinse it clean with mild dishwashing liquid and water. Rinse until all the residues are gone.

Step 3: Clean the carafe next. The inside of the carafe have surely collected mineral deposits and coffee oil. If you are using a glass carafe, put some crushed ice inside and mix it with table salt. Swish the mixture around until the grease and mineral deposits have all dissolved.

If you are using stainless steel carafe, you can also do the same ice and salt method or you can use the baking soda paste to scrub the inside clean. Once you are done, rinse it well with mild dishwashing liquid and water until all the soap suds and the baking soda are gone.

Step 4: Use the baking soda again to clean the rest of the coffee maker. Steer away from the motor part to avoid malfunctions. Get some damp cloth and dip the other end in the baking soda paste and apply it on the exterior of the coffee maker avoiding the motor.

Once you have cleaned everything, use the other clean end of the cloth and dampen it with clean water and scrub off the baking soda residues. Do this until all the residues are gone

Step 5: Let everything dry before putting them back together.

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