Best Coffee Maker – What it Can Do?


Drinking coffee has been a constant practice ever since the late century. In fact, people in the United States and Europe have been well known coffee drinkers ever since then. Everyday, millions and millions of coffee are made, whether in those diners, cafes, hotels and other establishments that serve the famous drink. Coffee is also […]

Electric Coffee Makers – Best Deals


Coffee is a very popular drink worldwide; people drink it no matter the time of day or condition of weather. You can get a coffee maker that matches the cup size that’s perfect for you, and they even come with travel mugs for portable refreshment whenever you want. While they can cost up to $1,000, […]

What is an Electric French Press Coffee Maker?


An Electric French Press Coffee Maker is the absolute best way to make coffee. If you have never experienced the brew of a French Press you are really missing out on how premium coffee should taste. In this brief article you will learn what a French Press is and how to properly use an Electric […]

Energy Efficient Coffee Makers


When it comes to coffee makers, the amount of energy one uses may surprise you. While EnergyStar and Consumer Reports do not show the energy consumption of coffee makers, there is another way to know their consumption of electricity. Look at their wattage use before you buy. Energy-consumption cost is based on the amount of […]

How Do You Clean an Electric Coffee Maker?


I know most people are daunted with the task of cleaning their electric, fully programmable coffee maker. If only we can dump the whole thing in our dishwasher. Unfortunately, a coffee maker motor that is water proof is still non-existent so we have no choice but to clean it on our own. It is easy […]